Karaoke at Sixes

Tucked away within Sixes is our specially designed karaoke room, a space where guests can transition from the cage to the stage. It's a room where you can relive the thrill of the match, not with a bat, but with a mic. Sing out those stadium chants, the anthems that have echoed through the stands, and of course, all the classic hits you love. From timeless ballads to upbeat numbers, our song library is as diverse as the cricketing nations themselves.


Book online for groups of 4 or more people. Our Karaoke room has a max capacity of 12 people.

Hourly rate: Peak $10pp Off peak $8pp

Karaoke and Cricket?

It's simple. The roars, the chants, the collective euphoria - it's electric. We wanted to capture that essence, that camaraderie, and give everyone a chance to keep the celebration going. Whether you've just played in our batting cages or are a fan cheering from the sidelines, the karaoke room is your after-party, your encore.

Whether you're a cricketer, or just someone looking for a unique night out in Dallas, Sixes promises an experience like no other. It's where the thrill of the game meets the joy of song. It's where you can play hard and sing loud.