Every month we will be showing all the major sporting fixtures.

All Sports Fixtures:


2/3: Mavericks vs Bucks 7:30pm

2/5: Mavericks vs 76ers 6pm

2/6: Mavericks vs Nets 6:30pm

2/8: Mavericks vs Knicks 6:30pm

2/10: Mavericks vs Thunder 2pm

2/12: Mavericks vs Wizards 7:30pm

2/14: Mavericks vs Spurs 7:30 pm

2/22: Mavericks vs Suns 6:30pm

2/25: Mavericks vs Pacers 4pm

2/27: Mavericks vs Cavs 6pm

2/28: Mavericks vs Raptors 6:30pm


2/6: Stars vs Sabres 6pm

2/7: Stars vs Maple Leafs 6pm

2/10: Stars vs Canadiens 12pm

2/13: Stars vs Hurricanes 7pm

2/15: Stars vs Predators 8pm

2/17: Stars vs Oilers 2pm

2/19: Stars vs Bruins 12pm

2/20: Stars vs Rangers 6pm

2/22: Stars vs Senators 6pm

2/24: Stars vs Hurricanes 6pm

2/26: Stars vs Islanders 7pm

2/27: Stars vs Avalanche 8:30pm

2/29: Stars vs Jets 7pm

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