Karaoke at Sixes Fulham

Step into the heart of Fulham and discover a unique karaoke experience at our Sixes venue, proudly powered by Lucky Voice. In this vibrant corner of London, we fuse the energy of the city with the fun of singing. Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or a shower-singer, our Karaoke spot inside Sixes Fulham invites you to unleash your inner star. Our song list is a diverse mix, ensuring there's a tune for every taste. It's more than singing; it's an unforgettable experience in Fulham's most exciting karaoke setting. Join us for a night where melodies and memories are made!


Book online for groups of 4 or more people.

Karaoke Room capacities: Fulham 10 | Manchester 10 | Fitzrovia 20 | Leicester 10

Hourly rate: Peak £8 per person | Off-peak £6 per person

Karaoke and Cricket?

At Karaoke Fulham, located inside the Sixes venue and powered by Lucky Voice, we've crafted a unique fusion of cricket and karaoke. As the cricket season heats up, our cricket-themed karaoke nights offer a perfect after-match celebration. Picture yourself belting out your favourite songs in our high-energy environment, celebrating a day of thrilling cricket. These special nights are ideal for both sports fans and karaoke enthusiasts, offering an unmatched atmosphere. Whether you're celebrating a win or just enjoying the game, our Sixes venue is the place to be for an evening that hits every note just right – much like a perfect cricket shot!