Step up to the crease and swing for the boundaries - Sixes brings people together to experience the age old game of cricket in a whole new light!

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Welcome to the Home of Social Cricket

Celebrating the thrill, drama and energy of the game but challenging almost every other stereotype, the Sixes experience reimagines the age old game of cricket for the modern socialite! World class hospitality and an interior that’s deliberately as loud, proud and vibrant as the sport itself, Sixes is as much an #outout social experience as it is a sporting challenge. Let’s Play!

Tasty Tuesdays

Fulham, Birmingham and Manchester

Free Net

When you buy four burgers


Fulham | Birmingham | Manchester

Free Pint of Madri

Per person for all net bookings

*Ts & Cs Apply

Off Peak Weekends

Fulham | Manchester | Birmingham | Westfield Shepherd's Bush

Saturday -10:00-11:00

Sunday- All Day


Saturday - Sunday 10:00-11:00
Sundays after 17:00


off nets

Off Peak Weekdays / Summer Holidays

Birmingham | Manchester

Thursday - Friday 12:00 - 16:00

Tuesday - Friday 21:00 - Close


Monday - Tuesday 21:00 - Close


Tuesday - Friday 21:00 - Close

Friday 12:00 - 16:00

Westfield Shepherd's Bush

Tuesday - Thursday 12:00 - 16:00

Monday - Wednesday 21:00 - Close


off nets

Happy Hours

Tuesday - Friday (16:00-18:00)


Birmingham & Manchester

Tuesday - Friday (16:00- 19:00)


Bowling simulator and VR Cricket launch

Fitzrovia and Manchester - Bowling Simulator

Birmingham and Fulham - VR Cricket (headset)


Launch Experience

Available until 2nd October

Free Women's Cricket Friday

All Venues!

Free nets bookable on Fridays only from 18:00

Groups of up to 15 women

Use code “wegotgame” to book (code is not case sensitive) – applied before payment section on website


Until 11th November

Graze, share or feast

Fuel of champions!

Far more than just cricket...we're just as passionate about grub as we are sport!

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All over England

Our locations

We're popping up all over the UK. To keep up to date, view all venues below.



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West Midlands



Westfield Shepherds Bush

open for business

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All bookings come with an adjoining table to enjoy food & drinks whilst playing - feel free to book an additional table pre or post booking to further enhance your Sixes experience!

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    Can only be booked during off peak hours. Any unbooked nets during peak hours are released for 2 or 3 guests 48 hours before
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  • 60Minutes6-9 Guests
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  • 90Minutes10-15 Guests
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