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From birthday parties, stag and hen dos to corporate events, Sixes’ versatile space makes the perfect canvas for any occasion. Our dedicated and professional team will ensure you receive unbeatable service and is guaranteed to make any get-together a memorable one.

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How it works?

For groups of 16 and over, simply fill out the form below and our expert team will be in touch to arrange the best package for you and your team. The Sixes game is very simple. You don’t need to bring any equipment and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Before the game begins, players will be asked to enter their name, email address, age, batting stance (right or left handed) and choose their ability. The choice you make - beginner, amateur, club or pro - dictates how fast the ball will be delivered and how much it will spin. Fear not - the ball is soft and does not hurt! Players take turns facing one over (6 balls), and the amount of overs each player faces will depend on how long your group has booked for. Only one player is in the batting net at any one time. Each net comes with an adjoining table, so players can eat and drink whilst they wait for their turn. To score points, players must hit the targets - 2 runs, 3 runs, 4 runs or the ultimate shot for 6 runs! There are plenty of targets to score from, so even if you’ve never played cricket before you can still score points and climb the leaderboard. Each players scores their own runs as well as points for the team. Larger parties are split into two teams, playing across from each other. We allocate - Two nets for 1 hour each for groups between 16 to 18 - Two nets for 90 minutes each for groups between 19 to 30 - Two nets for 2 hours for groups between 31 to 40 And longer durations or three nets (where possible) for groups over that size For smaller parties of up to 15, simply book online, turn up and get ready to smash some boundaries! Packages are also available, if you'd like to add one to your reservation - just let us know.

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For groups smaller than 30 use our online booking service